our commitment to sustainability

brandkey was founded on revolutionizing traditional processes and thinking. A core part of this includes our approach to sustainability. Our commitment is two-fold; operating sustainably as a company while developing services that support sustainability. Understanding the impact our industry has on the environment drives us to innovation and greener solutions for our clients.

tangible results & insight

brandkey provides services and tools allowing clients to gain more control of decision-making and validation, specifically related to sustainability. Our TRACKPACK™ tool allows brand owners to assess their current supply chain and set the path for their sustainability roadmap for the future.

Supply Chain
capturing current environmental initiatives & actions of supply chain partners

Material Usage
insight to component makeup of packaging materials and usage of pre/post-consumer waste

Chain of Custody
identification and confirmation of controlled and non-controlled materials in the supply chain

Forestry Initiatives
support of forestry management protocols from the four significant regulatory bodies across the globe

Virtual Solutions
leading technology initatives that support working and producing sustainably

how green is your packaging? how green are your supply chain partners?

Establish a foundation to solidify and advance strategic positions in sustainability, packaging compliance, and supplier qualification; gain insight into the carbon footprint of your supply chain by utilizing our print specialists who analyze, monitor, and compile a comprehensive database validating suppliers’ capabilities and material usage.

real-time metrics& 24/7 visibility

Support sustainability goals and expand knowledge to all brand stakeholders for strategic decision-making through dynamic real-time KPI dashboards providing brand insight into global packaging specifics and live production performance. Visualize in quick reference dashboards for high-level insight/expectations or comprehensive reports for diving into granular day-to-day details.

supplier database & qualification

our print specialists research, examine, analyze trending, and collaborate with supply chain members to achieve results;
A comprehensive supplier/printer knowledge base containing profiles, specifications, customized capabilities, competencies, strengths and weaknesses, ratings, and production performance scoring and confirmation.

sustainability goals? Don’t wait, eco-track with brandkey now!

Whether you are just starting on your sustainability journey with small goals or are well on your way with large sustainability programs and initiatives, our process is the same: simple and streamlined.

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Learn how brands are strategically setting and pivoting goals.

Join brandkey, my private brand, and printreleaf on establishing a sustainability roadmap for your brand.

our partners in green initiatives

we work together with our industry partners to pave the way for advancements and our collaborative efforts create tangible results