brandkey was founded by industry professionals with vast experience in the global packaging environment.  Our solutions address key challenges of service, price, speed-to-market, and global brand control with innovative processes that are relevant to today’s work environment.

We answer these challenges with a team of highly skilled global production experts and a selection of leading real-time virtual solutions.  Paired with the next generation of packaging quality management and sustainable packaging compliance, brandkey provides brand owners with more control over their brand management with a transparent, neutral objective overview.

our core services



Our talented team will help bring all of your packaging initiatives to life, both on the physical and digital shelf. Our experience and flexibility allows us to provide true benefit to brands, manufacturers, and printers around the globe in many different ways. 

Some of our clients have internal capabilities and leverage our technology and/or back-up support during peak demand. Others leverage our highly technical production and color management skills and tools to ensure brand consistency across a broad print supplier base. While others look to us to manage and execute the entire packaging life-cycle. 

Bottom line, we understand that one size does not fit all and we have the experience, motivation, technology, and global footprint to help you build and manage your most valuable asset, YOUR BRAND. 



Design Implementation

Production Artwork

Prepress/Color Management

Multilingual Translation

Digital Content (3D/CGI)



Virtual Workflow Solutions

Project Management Tool 

Asset Management

Web-Enabled Color Accurate Proofing

Virtual Press Checks   

Print Services

Global Ready Team for any/all print needs

Specialists in Flexo, Gravure, Litho, Digitial



The next generation of packaging management provides brand owners with more control over their brands with a proactive, neutral objective overview into packaging quality, performance, sustainability and adherence.

brandkey graphics TRACKPACK™ solution allows you to gain and keep control over packaging performance with a simple & efficient program. Collaborating for the best chance of success by utilizing flexibility with industry technologies, brandkey is bringing it all together in a cohesive monitoring system.

identify results  +  examine results  +  compare performance 


Supply Chain & Material Assessments

Packaging Supplier Database

Packaging Performance Metrics

Brand Specifications & Guidelines

Packaging Quality Management 

Color Management 

Remote Monitoring

On-Shelf Assessments 

Digital Shelf Assessments

Sustainable Practice Compliance

Chain of Custody

Recycled Content

Forestry Initiatives

FSC, SFI, PEFC, PrintReleaf



In our world today, most everyone is being pushed to do more with less. Faster, cheaper, better, with less resources and you already have 3 full time jobs…. We can help. 

Our process team has years and years of experience working with companies of all sizes to enhance productivity.  Our process is simple...we partner with you to identify your goals and objectives.  We then learn about your current situation and map accordingly, providing options for a proposed state along with specific benefits, both tangible and non-tangible. 

It is that simple … we will provide this information in a format that makes most sense for you.  Meaning, complex swim lanes with every hand-off from each functional group to a broader view that simply shows the gaps and how to fill or enhance them.  Lastly, you do not have to change any of your vendors if that is not your plan. You can solely leverage our team for an analysis and transition plan, if you would prefer..


Critical Path Timeline Assessments 

- design through print or in a specific lane

Critical Path Management

Content & Critical Color Soft Proofing

Regional Hard-Proofing

Approval Process Analysis

Technology Analysis

Transition Plans 

why WORK with us?

Expert Resource Team

User-Friendly Proofing

Business Intelligence

Global access to dedicated resource professionals including design consultants, prepress, color, print, and structural specialists.

Business Intelligence

User-Friendly Proofing

Business Intelligence

Real-time business intelligence metrics allow for faster insight and more meaningful understanding of how a brand is performing

User-Friendly Proofing

User-Friendly Proofing

User-Friendly Proofing

Integrated user-friendly proofing solution that speeds up production time, lowers costs, and provides a critical color solution.

Asset Management

Real-Time Communication

User-Friendly Proofing

Online asset management system allows controllable file distribution. Digital asset search and 24/7 access.

Real-Time Communication

Real-Time Communication

Real-Time Communication

Providing faster communication between graphics partners creating a more streamlined artwork process. 


Real-Time Communication

Real-Time Communication

brandkey works with clients to create resources for all supply chain partners to input and access.


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